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Cultural Awareness

In times of increasing globalization and international markets and in a competitive business environment, corporations must rely on the cooperation of people of different cultural backgrounds. If you are working internationally, it is extremely important to make a good impression when meeting your foreign counterpart and so is understanding his way of doing business. Wrong assumptions, based on your own culture, can cause problems, if not outright offense and, of course, your counterparts abroad are probably also making assumptions, based on their own background. Cross-cultural training and orientation is imperative in our global environment. Let us help you familiarize yourself with German culture, social customs and business etiquette.

You are aiming to capture the German speaking market place? Your product’s name must be distinctive, unique and memorable, and above all should not offend – neither in English, nor in German. Your product’s name is its greatest asset. It is a reflection of your marketing strategy, linking the company and corporate culture to its products, brand image and position in the market place. It is imperative that the name of your new product take into consideration the cultural differences that exist in your global market place. Each culture is defined by its own values, traditions, experiences and behaviors. Let us evaluate your new name to make all your business endeavors with German speaking countries a success story!


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