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In recent years the software industry has placed an increased importance on the European market. Successful localization and sales of your software product can substantially increase your market share and GermanTranslators would like to help you in the process.

Software localization involves many aspects beyond project management and translation. Your primary concerns might be your intellectual property rights and the consistency of any translation with your company’s branding. On a much deeper level, however, you want to be sure that the source code follows certain ISO standards and is properly tracked when providing it to your vendor.

The team members of GermanTranslators offer over 20 years of experience in localizing software, help and collateral files and all accompanying documentation. We work with a variety of file formats to eliminate conversion issues wherever possible. We make sure that all audio files are professionally translated, timed and recorded for use in your application. We consult with your legal, marketing and technical publications departments to adapt documentation and collateral files for the German market.

GermanTranslators is here to help you build a truly localized product.


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