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Quality Assurance

Apart from on-time delivery, quality is our highest goal. We strive to achieve this goal by adhering to rigorous quality assurance standards.

In Translation

You just had your document translated by an experienced translator with excellent references - end of project? Not if a high quality product is what you are striving for. No matter how good the translator is, it is always recommended to employ the services of a second language specialist to edit or proofread the translation. Four eyes see more than two - that is why we generally subject every translation to one more quality assurance check.

In Localization

Now that you have all your files translated you are ready for your first localized build. Will it run? Have really all necessary strings been translated? Have you made any last minute changes to the US code that affect the localized files? Is the software terminology truly consistent with the documentation? Have you used the correct time & date stamp, currency, separators? How do third party products you are using affect your localized application? How far beyond functional QA is your US QA team able to go?

GermanTranslators can answer these and many other questions for you. We collaborate with your QA team to improve your localized software even further. Localization QA services are offered on-site, using your equipment and configurations.

Want to work things differently? Just let us know and we will find a way.


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